Bus Duct

In order to have low losses and enhanced reliability in the distribution system, bus-ducts are preferred over cables for higher current ratings and shorter lengths at different voltage levels. Though Sandwich Bustrunking System with rated operational voltage (Ue) 1000 Volt are easily available, when it comes to economics–Air insulated bus ducts have an edge. This article focuses on the types of air insulated busducts and their selection guidelines, design requirements, de-rating factors and sizing requirement...

Segregated phase busduct has all phase conductors in a common enclosure with metal barriers between adjacent phases.

Segregated phase Busduct finds application in following Units & Utilities.

Transformer to Switchgears Panel

Interconnection between Switchgears Panels.

Generator Phase terminals to Generator Circuit Breakers & Generator Circuit Breakers to Transformer.

Above Applications will find Power transfer solutions in following segments

Power generating stations (Captive Power Plants, Hydro & Solar)

Process plants, manufacturing industries & Industrial Buildings

Infrastructure establishment – Airports, Metros, Railways, Tunnels, Sea Ports.